BUILDABLE FINE JEWELRYTARA creates striking, clever and purposeful products. We intentionally design each piece so that it stands beautifully on its own but is also stylishly modular and interchangeable with other pieces in the collection. TARA knows you are going places (literally and figuratively) and it's our job to make sure that your jewelry keeps up.
Our big idea is to change the way you think about fine jewelry by giving you control over the way you purchase, wear, and ultimately build your collection over time.

OUR PHILOSOPHYWe design our collections with the understanding that you wear the jewelry (not the other way around) and you wear it your way. We know you work hard and you expect your jewelry to do the same. TARA was built on the belief that jewelry should keep up with women wherever and whatever they get up to. At last, jewelry that literally adapts to all the moments of your life.

OUR STORYAnnette Lasala Spillane is our founder and CEO. She holds degrees in Accounting and Literature and worked for 11 years in a Big 4 accounting firm. While she loved the career she built, she had a stronger calling to do something different. In 2014, while she was packing all her belongings for a move, she realized she had amassed an embarrassing amount of throwaway jewelry that could not be repurposed for the next stage of her life. That is when she realized she would create jewelry that had meaning and would keep pace with her ever evolving life. In 2016 she launched TARA because it combined three things she felt very passionate about: 1) the Philippines, the country in which she was born and raised 2) social good businesses, and 3) fashion.
FOR KEEPSWe’ve grown so tired of acquiring things we aren’t completely obsessed with. It never ends well; they are often worn once, then thrown out to end up in a landfill and we are left feeling restless and unfulfilled. Inspired by modern art and architecture, we design each piece in our collection to feel current while still being undeniably timeless. We create our pieces to last lifetimes by making them with the finest precious materials such as gray diamonds, black diamonds and opals masterfully set in 14k gold. We’ve made it so that your jewelry will rock your wardrobe for many years to come.

ACCESSORY TO CHANGETARA is an acronym for The Artisan Row Accessories. We named it that way so that reading and saying it will always bring us back to why we started it in the first place: to help Filipino artisans living in poverty to share their work with the world, which in turn allows them to re-write their story. Together, we create jewelry that embody their spirit: pieces with a dash of rebellion, a sense of adventure and a whole lot of hope. Our wish is that TARA empowers our women to always move forward: be it in fashion, life, or improving the lives of others.

DO YOUR OWN THINGWe love that you not only know who you are, you completely own it. TARA in Filipino means ‘Let’s go’. So, let’s go anywhere and everywhere and make it fun along the way. We will make it our business to keep up with and grow with you so you have jewelry that you can wear today and continue to reinterpret for years to come. You’re always changing so it’s only fair that your jewelry does the same, right?